Giritli Ali Baba's Approach to Being

by A. Yilmaz Soyyer


While elucidating on his approach to being, Giritli Ali Resmi Baba writes that separating its origin (asil) from its branches (far') is erroneous. He states, for example, that the sun and sunshine aren’t truly separated from each other. In this context Adam is not separated from Haqq, and Haqq is not separated from Adam; an egg is not independent of a bird, and a bird from an egg. It should not be accepted that the Universe and egg are the asil while Adam and bird are its results.  Giritli writes that this way belongs to the man who has eyes to see, and that Haqq belongs to the man who accepts it. If a man were a true muwwahid (monotheist) and arif billah (knower of God) it would be impossible for his to see the asil and far' as being distinct. If he were to see such things as separate, he would become a mushrik (one who associates partners with Allah). According to Giritli when Adam was in the ālam al-mufradāt (the world of uniqueness) he was not known as Adam. After he was formed into a compound (tarkīb) and sent into the ālam al-ajsām (the material universe), he become a human being. Because his dhat and sifat are in unity likewise is Haqq and Adam.

According to Giritli the human beings are unified in their shared bodily composition and construction. There are no real physical differences among themselves. Divergence is only in 
istidat (aptitude), khilkat (disposition) and tajalli (effulgence). The awliyullah are different from other human beings in these properties.   In order to gain kamāl (i.e. perfection), istidat is very much needed. An individual’s talent is based on the tajalli of the hurūf. Thus males possess 32 hurūf making them superior to women, who enjoy 28 hurūf. It is because of this that women can never be a murshid. Nevertheless women can reach the level of insān-i kāmil, perfected human.



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