The Basic Principles of the Bektashi Way



The Bektashi revere the Qur’an, and the blessed words of the Prophet Muhammad. No rule of the order may deviate from the Sacred Book and Hadith al-Sharif. The veneration for the Prophet further extends to all members of his family, the Ahl al-Bayt. Expressions of love for his family occur in many Qur’anic verses: “Say (O Muhammad): ‘I do not ask for any reward except love of my family.’” (Sura 42:23) When the companions asked the Messenger of Allah who his family was, he replied: “They are Fatima, ‘Ali, Hasan and Husayn.”

And also
“Allah’s wish is but to remove uncleanness from you, O people pf the House, and to cleanse you with a thorough cleansing.” (Sura 33:33)

Twelve other verses in the Qur’an and numerous
Hadiths testify to the respect and love the Prophet Muhammad had for ‘Ali and his family:

“Love for Ali and the family of the Prophet will remove from stain of the transgressions from a believer.”

“God will cover with the cloth of faith and salvation the one who loves you O Ali.”

"Whoever seeks refuge with the People of my House will be safe from misguidance and ruin, and whoever opposes them will fall prey to discord and divergence and join the party of Satan."
(Ibn Hajr)

“I am leaving among you two weighty things: the Book of Allah and my progeny; Allah’s Book is like a rope extending from heaven to earth, and my progeny are the people of the House. These two will never part until they meet at the Pool of Kawthar.” (Trimidhi, Hanbal etc.)

Bektashism embodies the concept of a spirituality based on reason and logic, and it stresses that the fulfillment of religious rituals are worthless without the aspiration to seek and to enrich one's own spiritual life. The Prophet Muhammad stressed the performance of religious ritual, but he never ceased to expand his spiritual rank and attain the most virtuous conduct.

Bektashism underlines the importance of the
namaz, but it impresses on the believer that each prayer should be fully understood; otherwise it would be mere imitation. In Bektashism the true awareness of one's own prayer is an essential component in the search for spiritual realities.


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