Giritli Ali Baba's Outlook on Mankind

by A. Yilmaz Soyyer



Another important element in Giritli’s tasawwuf is in regards to the nature of humanity (i.e. Adam). It is known through the Qur’an that God, the Most Merciful, commanded the angels to prostrate themselves to the form of Adam in Bezm-i Ezel, the period in the past eternity when Man was created. According to Giritli the Command and commander are identical given that prostration (sajdah) was, in reality, to God alone.

 He describes human beings not only as Adam: “Although the visage of Eve (Hawwa) is 21 letters because she deficient in 
sifat (attributes), the two are identical in dhat (essence).” According to Giritli, Adam is a tajalli (effulgence) of 32 letters, while Eve is a tajalli of 28 letters; Adam is the dhat, while Eve is the sifat. Although clearly less significant in grade, Adam cannot exist without Eve and Eve cannot exist without Adam. In fact the Universe cannot exist without them both. All of them are a mirror to each other.

 Giritli mentions a Hadith Qudsi where God proclaims, “I was a concealed treasure. I wished known so I created.”  He also quotes a saying of the Prophet Muhammad, “The believers are mirrors of each other.” Giritli expounds in this by writing, “Adam is a mirror of the Truth (
Haqq). If you wish to see your true being you must look into the mirror. You understand that you are a human (Adam) when you see yourself at the mirror. If you have no mirror, what can you do? Understand this: the mirror is like the sifat (attributes) and your actual figure is the dhat (essence). This is the analogous to the position of Eve (sifat) to Adam (dhat).  To be able to make a “mirror” is a hidden wisdom. This secret is the similar to the expression “al-waladu sirri abihi” (i.e. the child is the secret of his father). This secret is a secret that emerges from your being. Sifat and dhat are as one. The Qur’an and Adam are as one. Haqq and Adam are as one. If Adam did not exist, Haqq could not be known. If Haqq does not exist, how could Adam have been created?  If sifat does not exist, how can the dhat be aware that he is Haqq? If dhat does not exist how can sifat give life? If the mirror does not exist, everything would be silent and Adam could not speak.”

 According Giritli Adam exists as a result of Creation and Creation exists because of Adam and both of Adam and Creation exist by the will of God. He states in one distich:

The manifestation of Attribute and Essence

In Creation and Adam are found.

At times Adam is the Creation, at times the Creation is Adam.

Truth upholds His reign over Creation in this way.

Lacking Adam Creation cannot be.

Lacking Creation Adam cannot be.

Giritli tried to simplify his explain wahdat al-wujud in a straightforward allegory: “If a man says ‘I am able to see sun,’ while he only sees the sun’s light, he hasn’t really seen the sun.” Recognizing the tajalli of God is the same.  



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