Prayers & Litanies (Awrad, Gulbang)

"A man who wastes his time 

while his heart is full of Love for 

God is truly better than a man 

who reads the Qur'an day and 

night yet who's heart is filled with 

the desire of this world." 


                             -Haji Bektash Veli-


In the name of the Shah, Allah, Allah!

May the mornings be prosperous; may benefits be victorious; 

may evils be warded off; may unbelievers be defeated; may 

hypocrites be ruined; may enemies be subdued; may believers 

attain their wishes; may friends be happy; may their prayers 

be accepted, their desires attained. May Allah, Muhammad Ali 

be our intercessor, our masters the Twelve Imams, the 

Fourteen Pure Innocents, the martyrs of Karbala' at every 

moment  our helpers be! May no one separate us from their 

faces, and their followers; and may our master, the Patron 

Saint be our guard and our helper; may the beneficial 

protection of our lords, all the illustrious saints, be upon us, 

with us and watching over us, present and absent; may the 

Light of the Prophet, the Grace of Ali, the breath of Haji 

Bektash Veli be shame for the unbeliever, and a curse for 

Yezid, and may it be a mercy for the believer; For the reign of 

the true Erens and for the reign and the grace of our master, 

my murshid baba, HU!

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