A Short Biography of Hunkar Haji Bektash Veli


Before the world came into being in the

hidden secret of nonexistence,

I was alone with Reality in his oneness.

He created the world; because then

I formed the picture of Him, I was the designer.

I became folded in garments made of the elements;

I made my appearance out of fire, air, earth and water.

I came into the world with the best of men [Adam];

I was of the same age even as Adam.

The blessed rod I gave to Moses.

I became the Holy Spirit and came to Mary.

I was guide to all the saints;

To Gabriel the Faithful I was the right hand companion.

To this world of "being annihilated in God"

I have often come and gone.

I have rained with the rain and I have grown as grass.

I have guided aright the country of Rum;

I was Bektash, who came from Khurasan.

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