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The student of the Bektashi Path shall always strive to attain the highest moral standards. Haji Bektash emphasized the importance of the close relationship between the murids (novices) and their murshids (guides). The biographical work The Velayetname contains a number of instructional methods:

  • Hunkar Hajji Bektash has commanded the murids to trust and obey their murshid, as he himself obeyed his master, Khwaja Ahmed Yasawi.

  • The murid shall always be attentive to the words of the murshid and strive to untie the allusions of his teachings. One who does not hear with the ear of his heart cannot prosper along the Bektashi Way. To one who is “deaf” and “blind” the doors of progress are forever closed.

  • The believer shall have trust in his murshid and obey to him alone.

  • The same trust shall be given to the succeeding murshid should the first pass away.

  • Whatever spiritual secrets the murshid reveals, the murid should not divulge. Every single word becomes to him the riza lokmasi, the food of Grace.

  • The murid should be joyful carrying out the instructions of the murshid. His blessing is the blessing of the Divine.

  • The murid must be truthful with his murshid, otherwise, he will break his own heart and cause himself to become confused.

  • The murid must keep the secrets as if their own. Not even a hint should be given to anyone. To reveal a secret is an act of disgrace.

  • The murids must persevere and obey each word of the murshid.

  • Between murid and murshid exists a close bond. The murids must be ready to sacrifice if they aspire with all their heart to reach the ultimate goal: closeness with God.

  • Friends of the murshid should be friends of the murid; opponents their opponents as well.

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