From the Teachings of Haji Bektash Veli


Our most esteemed Master, the pillar of the Saints, the Succour of the Hopeless, Hazret-i Hunkar Haji Bektashi Veli (1248CE - 1337CE) is known to have had his Sohbets (discourses) contained in at least five works, the largest being the Maqalat (Words). Other works are the Kitab al-Fawa'id (Book of Morals), the Sharh al-Basmala (Comentary on Bismillah), the Hurdenamah (The Small Treaties), the Shathiyyah (the Ecstatic Utterances). Below are excerpts from these collections of wisdom.









Haji Bektash once related the following story:

A dervish once approached his master, Hoja Ahmad Yasawi, and asked him,"O Master! Tell me what id the meaning of Oneness?" The saint did not answer but only told the dervish to bring a big cube of sugar. After he brought it, Hoja Ahmad Yasawi asked, "What is this?" "It is sugar my master," said the dervish. Then the Hoja ordered him to break it into three pieces. The dervish did that and Ahmad Yasawi asked, "What do the shapes of these pieces look like to you?" The dervish said, "Well, this one looks like a camel, that one looks like a horse and the last one looks like a man." The saint took the pieces and ground them into power. He then asked the dervish, "What is it now?" The dervish replied, "It is sugar, may master." Hoja Ahmad Yasawi then explained, "This is Oneness. We are here today and we will be here tomorrow, no matter how our shapes change."

Kitab al-Fawa'id, Advice #3)


"The heart is the window to the Sovereign of the worlds. Between Allah and all things is a veil, but between Allah and the heart of Man there is none. The heart is like the Ka'bah. The person who would visit the Ka'bah, who would go there on foot and by the heart, should walk in prostration. It is for this reason that lovers prostrate themselves, faces to the ground. Those who visit the Ka'bah need a guide. The Qur'an is their travelling companion. But the travelling companion of those who journey there by means of the heart is none but Allah. What is called love is but Allah's divine kindling and the fireplace of that kindling is the heart of those who have arrived."

Maqalat-i Haci Bektas Veli)


"The Exaulted One, Allahu ta'ala, says, 'If a slave has a powerful enemy or if his strength is not enough, what will he do? He will go and attach himself to a powerful person under whose protection he will be safe from his enemy. Hear Me, O Mankind! You have an unseen enemy and his name is Shaytan, the accursed. Yet you also have an unseen friend: the Merciful [ar-Rahman] and the Compassionate [ar-Rahim]. Therefore recite the Basmala [Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim] so that Shaytan may be driven away by My Power!'"              

Sharh al-Basmala)

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