Resolution on the Path to Truth

The murid must be resolute and remain forever faithful to the teachings of Bektashi Way, for there is no progress without resolution. The Bektashi murid shall be faithful to all friends and shall always keep his word. Breaking one’s word is a disgrace; in Islam it is a sin. Bektashism considers fidelity to be a revealing feature of one's character, and the Qur’an bears witness to this:

As for those who believe in Allah and hold fast to Him, them He will cause to enter His mercy and grace…” (Surah 4:175)

“Now whosoever breaks this pledge breaks it at his own peril, and whosoever keeps this pledge that he has made with Allah, Allah will grant him a great reward.” (Surah 48:10)

Oh you who believe! Fulfill your undertakings!” (Surah 5:1)

Thus, the
murids, relying on the Qur’an, teach believers the importance of loyalty. Many Bektashi poets have written many a verse stressing resolution as the gift of God, as one writes:


   Should they ever drag me to the gallows,

   I won’t give up my word.

   Were they to demand me to abandon my Path,

   Even if I so desired,

   My heart will not permit it.

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